Sunday, May 3, 2009

Texas Country Bands in Snyder

(click pic to enlarge)
Another busy but yet awesome weekend...
Friday started with the car show at big country where I found the cutest camper that was being auctioned on Saturday ...then we took Shelby & Lacey Bufkin's pictures afterwards they treated us to super at the apple deli....Later on we all went to see Rich O'Toole & Zack Harmon in concert at the Belle Opry house....we had a blast....wish you all would have been there. Saturday we took pictures of Saylor, the sweetest 6 month old ever!
This morning I went to visit Jeff & Joani and you'll never guess what I saw in Shelby & Lacey's guessed right, it was the camper I wanted so bad to paint hot pink with leopard spots...LOL I know they will enjoy it especially at TT tailgate parties, and so yet again, Jodi & I will be on the lookout for another one.....

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