Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday was the busiest day of our lives...I think! (Birthday, Prom, and a Wedding Shower for Erin Burleson) it started at 6:30am when we all meet at Carla's for her 47th birthday coffee, then we hit a garage sale with Clarissa & Jodi (have you ever had to sign in at a garage sale...well we did LOL), then it was off to the office to work a while, the girls had to be taken to get hair, nails, & etc for prom, then lots & lots of pre-prom pics, we had to rush to the Talbott's for a wedding shower that we were late for, then back to limo for more prom pics, then back to the Talbott's(we all wanted to have a slumber party in the upstairs princess room), but finally at 10pm we headed to Linda's for margaritas and hot tub! WoW what a night....we think Carla had a great birthday, because I know she made us laugh all night....see below as she squashes Teresa into the wall trying to take off the cover.

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